Petting Zoo

We pride ourselves in having clean, safe, family friendly attraction for your guests to interact and observe our animals. Our petting zoo tents range in size from 50 by 30 to 80 by 40 depending on your space and your budget. Our pony ride is always under a 20 by 20 tent for the comfort of the guest and the ponies. Our camel ride has a 20 foot front and 30 foot deep fenced in area. 


Pony Rides

We charge a day rate for the petting zoo to be paid by the fair for entertainment. This rate allows fair-goers to enjoy the petting zoo for no charge. We do sell cups of feed for a minimal price. The pony ride is charges five dollars per child per ride. The camel ride charges the same but can be enjoyed by fair-goers of all ages. 

Camel Rides

As part of our petting zoo package our camels and ponies come to most events. We also provide our animals for any and all events that advertise your fair to be included in your booking price. We prefer to keep all attractions together but can separate to accommodate your event.